Simulation-driven Innovation through Software Scalability: Altair RADIOSS

Accelerating the pace of innovation is enabled by faster and more realistic simulations.  It is a clear goal of computer aided engineering (CAE) to offer a design environment that answers questions and offers insights at the pace of human thought.  Meeting this goal requires a combination of high-performance computing (HPC) hardware, and software able to take advantage of the hardware’s performance potential.

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Product Updates: September 2016

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HyperForm Solista V14.0
A complete sheet metal forming simulation suite combining a fast one-step solver and a highly accurate incremental forming solver with an efficient geometry engine for early formability and material utilization analysis, process simulation, and draw die development. This is a standalone product directly derived from HyperForm 14.0 by turning off capabilities under HyperWorks which are not essential for stamping simulation.

Click2Form v2016.2
An early formability and material utilization analysis software combining fast one step stamping simulation with powerful blank nesting capabilities. Starting from product or tooling geometry, it allows you to incorporate boundary conditions such as blankholder and drawbead forces to predict formability, thinning, major, minor and plastic strains which is helpful for advanced product designers as well as for early process feasibility check.

Click2Cast 4.0
New features include Additional Components, Virtual Mold, Investment Casting, Gravity Casting Settings, New Porosity Visualization.

HyperView Player 14.0.120 

FEKO 14.0.422
This update contains features and enhancements. FEKO 14.0.420 is a cumulative update and should be applied to an existing 14.0 installation.



Tips & Tricks: September 2016

Tips & Tricks #1187: HyperView – Minimum Distance Measure Type Calculate the shortest (minimum) distance between any two entities during a simulation Tips & Tricks #1188: HyperMesh – Mechanism Tool Modelling of kinematic systems by the definition of kinematic assemblies … Read More


Scripts of the Month: August 2016

Script #1046: Create an XML of user defined results This script creates an XML of all user defined results created using ResultMath. Script #1048 : Pass the assembly hierarchy HyperMesh to HyperCrash This script can execute on HyperMesh, and can … Read More