Fast Matching Circuits Design with Optenni Lab

Ubiquitous connectivity which is used in so many upcoming and future technologies (consumer electronics, automotive, IoT, etc.) need antennas to enable the wireless communication layer. Often the antenna real estate is limited, either by the physical device size or simply … Read More

Trends in Structural Analysis: FEA, Composites, HPC, and Beyond

HyperWorks provides a broad portfolio of multi-physics solvers covering mechanical, electromagnetic, fluid/thermal, and model-based development systems, all wrapped around optimization technologies. The following Q&A transcript summarizes thoughts of Uwe Schramm, Chief Technical Officer at Altair on different aspects to consider … Read More

Tips & Tricks October 2017

T & T 1252 – RADIOSS – Advanced Mass Scaling T & T 1253 – solidThinking Inspire – Pretension T & T 1254 – SimLab – Symmetry Mesh T & T 1255 – SimLab – Change Mesh Pattern T & … Read More

y-patch antenna

Y-Patch Antenna

A two-port y-patch antenna is modeled in FEKO to determine isolation between ports and radiation patterns of the antenna Communications technology is constantly aiming to achieve higher signal-to-noise ratios (SNRs) and especially for portable devices a compact design is required. … Read More