Featured Article: Computer Simulation’s Role in Advancing Composite Aircraft Structures

Dr. Robert Yancey, Vice President of Aerospace Solutions at Altair, recently published this article on Aerospace & Defense Technology about the advantages and issues that arise when using simulation software on composite aircraft structures. Read the original article here.

The introduction of composite aircraft structures has increased the reliance on computer simulation tools and methods in the Aerospace industry. However, the use has always been coupled with significant physical testing. Though there are any benefits in composites, aircraft designers have become wary of the potential difficulties. These difficulties can be managed with the latest simulation software. Read More …

Tips & Tricks: January/February 2015

Tips & Tricks #1108: How to Identify ALE Material Distribution from HyperView Demonstrate how to setup solver input to identify ALE material distribution in HyperView. View and Download Tips & Tricks #1108 Tips & Tricks #1109: Quickly Create Individual “Parts” … Read More

Safe and Effortless Speed: CAE in Motorsport

Chasing the illusory goal of light but strong has always been the bane of engineers. With respect to the automotive racing community, while speed is paramount, there is the additional objective of driver safety, often conflicting with the light but … Read More

Learning Video: VisSim

VisSim is a graphical language for simulation and model-based embedded development. The core product, is used for general modeling, simulation and control system design applications. VisSim is an award winning graphical block diagram language for modeling and simulating complex dynamic … Read More