Extruded Profiles in Transportation Industry


Ravimayavaram Ravisankar S. MayavaramDirector, HyperXtrude


A Renewed Interest
Demand for fuel-efficient vehicles has created a renewed interest in the use of light alloy extrusions in the transportation and aerospace industries. A high strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum and magnesium extrusions makes them an attractive substitute for steel components. In addition, extrusion offers the unique advantage of producing near net-shaped products with superior and controllable product quality. Space frame structures, bumper beams, truck beds, and railway frames are some of the extruded components used in transportation applications. Lightweight structures and heat exchangers are commonly used to reduce satellite payloads.

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Featured Product: Altair OptiStruct

This month we’d like to celebrate with you the 20th anniversary of OptiStruct. Born as a disruptive technology for topology optimization of structures, OptiStruct has since matured into Altair’s structural analysis and optimization solver for linear and non-linear structural problems under static and dynamic loadings. Watch this short video to learn more about OptiStruct’s capabilities today.

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