Multiscale Modeling in a Nutshell

Multiscale modeling is a very descriptive name. It refers to modeling a component or a system at different scales simultaneously so you get information at minute scales without the necessary cost of modeling everything at a fine resolution. Well, what … Read More

Product Updates: January 2017

Learn more and download: WinProp 14.0 Flux 12.2 HyperWorks Desktop-14.0.131 Hotfix HyperWorks Solvers-14.0.231 Hotfix AcuSolve CFD Solutions-14.0.301 Hotfix FEKO-14.0.432 Hotfix Virtual Wind Tunnel 14.3 HyperWorks Solvers 14.0.230 Please log in to Altair Connect to access these software pages.

Tips & Tricks: January 2017

Tips & Tricks #1215: OptiStruct – Brake Squeal Analysis is supported by two step process Tips & Tricks #1216: OptiStruct – Point mobility & Panel Analysis Tips & Tricks #1217: Coupling of Flux model with HyperStudy Tips & Tricks #1218: … Read More