Electromagnetics in the healthcare industry


Peter Futter Peter Futter Application Specialist and Biz Development EM Solutions

Electromagnetic fields are present in many of the medical applications today. The technology is becoming more complex and it is therefore vitally important that the tools and procedures perform at their maximum capacity and always yield precise and accurate data. In this article we look at how FEKO has been involved in this industry and the future prospects for technology. MRI Scanner Design Electromagnetic simulation software has become an indispensable tool in the development and analysis of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems. Motivated by better image resolution, improved signal to noise ratio (SNR) and reduced scan times, the trend to design systems that operate at higher static (B0) field strengths comes with new challenges. The increase in static field strength implies a proportional increase in the radiofrequency (B1) field. As the wavelength becomes comparable to the electrical size of the patient and the MRI geometry, it becomes more difficult to achieve a homogeneous field distribution that is required for good image quality. Read More …

Honeywell Aerospace: Reducing the Weight of Aircraft Engines

In this month’s customer testimonial Brian Cottrell, Chief of Structures at Honeywell Aerospace, discusses how Honeywell working with Altair ProductDesign has applied HyperWorks’ optimization technology, OptiStruct, to minimize the weight of new aircraft engines.    

KEY to METALS is now Total Materia!

Total Materia Premium Edition, formerly KEY to METALS Premium Edition, has changed its name to better suit its offering of over 230,000 material properties spanning across metals, non-metals, ceramics, composites and polymers. To learn more about the new modules and … Read More

Scripts of The Month

Script #1122: Unit Conversion Utility Converts following entities : # Grid locations ; # Pbeam, Pbar, PROD, PELAS, Pshell, Pshear; # Masses: “mass”; # Mat1: Mat1 Material: E, G, Rho are updated; # Mat2 Material: G, Rho ,ST,SC,SS are updated; # … Read More

Create Custom Toolbar in SimLab

Create a custom toolbar in SimLab to access important panels with just a few clicks. While meshing a complex model in SimLab we first check the features (Fillets, Cylinders, Arcs,etc), define Mesh Controls, create Surface mesh, Quality check and then … Read More

Find attached entities

To find entities connected to Bodies, Joints, and bushings. When dealing with a huge model with lots of bodies (explicit graphics), joints, bushings, springs, etc… it is sometimes time expensive process to debug and figure out which joint connects which … Read More