20 Years of Topology Optimization: Birth and Maturation of a Disruptive Technology


JMB Jeffrey M. Brennan
Chief Marketing Officer, Altair
Breanne Lewinski
Operations & Processes Coordinator, Altair

Born just about 20 years ago as a disruptive technology for topology optimization of structures, OptiStruct has matured into Altair’s structural analysis and optimization solver solution for linear and non-linear structural problems under static and dynamic loadings.
Altair’s Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Brennan introduced the OptiStruct technology to Altair and became the initial champion for the product. In an interview on the software, Brennan answers questions related to the history of OptiStruct, the importance of its technology, and what’s next for OptiStruct.

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Feature Product: solidThinking Inspire

solidThinking Inspire™ creates efficient design concepts for design engineers, product designers and architects. Inspire uses Altair’s industry-leading OptiStruct® optimization technology to develop design concepts which are efficient for structural performance and weight. Inspire’s easy to use interface guides the user to build design models and visualize the resulting design concepts. Thus the users can rapidly arrive at efficient structural designs with the least amount of time.


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