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Log Periodic Dipole Array

A log-periodic dipole array is modeled in FEKO to determine input impedance and radiation patterns Log-periodic dipole arrays (LPDAs) are wideband structures having a geometry such that its impedance and radiation characteristics vary periodically with the logarithm of frequency. This … Read More

Altair in the Cloud

There is a lot of talk about “cloud computing” these days. But, what does that mean? And how does this new technology apply to computer-aided engineering (CAE)? More specifically, how does it work with HyperWorks applications? For example, suppose you … Read More

Learning Video: Altair Compute Manager

Altair’s Compute Manager is a web-based app to submit, monitor & manage CAE jobs on distributed resources. With the integration of Altair’s PBS Works workload management solutions and HyperWorks simulation capabilities, it provides a reliable and affordable enterprise simulation platform. … Read More

Customer Spotlight: TADANO FAUN

World-Leading Crane Manufacturer TADANO FAUN Accelerates Its Design Processes with HyperWorks Designing mobile cranes, with countless possible configurations, can be a mind-bending experience for Tadano Faun GmbH engineers. The Japanese-owned company, headquartered near Nuremberg, Germany, is one of the world’s … Read More

February Software Updates

AcuSolve 1.8b The V1.8b release of the AcuSolve product suite comes equipped with many exciting new features and improvements. This release continues to build AcuSolve’s reputation for providing high quality, fast, and robust solutions by introducing new physical models, techniques … Read More

Tips & Tricks February 2012

Compute Manager Running custom actions on running or completed jobs Compute Manager allows you to run custom actions while a job is running or after the job has completed. This capability can be customized for each application definition deployed on … Read More