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Peter Futter is an application specialist for electromagnetic (EM) solutions at Altair Engineering.As part of the newly acquired FEKO team, Peter is based in Stellenbosch, South Africa.He has diverse expertise in numerical simulation for a range of applications, pre- and post-sales technical support, and product strategy development and sales in a competitive marketplace.Over the years he has focused on mobile/wireless antenna and biomedical applications and will now be involved in business development for EM solutions in his new role within Altair.

Antenna Design for 5G Communications

With the rollout of the 5th¬†generation mobile network around the corner (scheduled for 2020 [wiki/5G]), technology exploration is in full swing. The new 5G requirements (e.g. 1000x increase in capacity, 10x higher data rates, etc.) will create opportunities for diverse … Read More

Electromagnetics in the Healthcare Industry

Electromagnetic fields are present in many of the medical applications today. The technology is becoming more complex and it is therefore vitally important that the tools and procedures perform at their maximum capacity and always yield precise and accurate data. … Read More