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Design and Optimization of an LTE Mobile Phone Antenna

In this white paper an LTE antenna is designed for use in a mobile phone, using a dual-port configuration. Using FEKO, the antenna is also optimized for minimal reflection co-efficient at both ports and cross-coupling between the ports as low … Read More

Antenna Design for 5G Communications

Peter Futter

Peter Futter

Application Specialist, BusDev-EM Solutions at Altair
Peter Futter is an application specialist for electromagnetic (EM) solutions at Altair Engineering.As part of the newly acquired FEKO team, Peter is based in Stellenbosch, South Africa.He has diverse expertise in numerical simulation for a range of applications, pre- and post-sales technical support, and product strategy development and sales in a competitive marketplace.Over the years he has focused on mobile/wireless antenna and biomedical applications and will now be involved in business development for EM solutions in his new role within Altair.
Peter Futter

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With the rollout of the 5th generation mobile network around the corner (scheduled for 2020 [wiki/5G]), technology exploration is in full swing. The new 5G requirements (e.g. 1000x increase in capacity, 10x higher data rates, etc.) will create opportunities for diverse … Read More

New Features in WinProp 14.1 – the Propagation Modeling Tool

WinProp, Altair’s wave propagation tool has recently been updated to include some great new features. In this 14.1 release new features include: Consideration of Rx antenna pattern for evaluation both area-wide and along routes for virtual-drive tests Adding the ITU-R … Read More

Getting the 3D Mesh of your CAD Model Ready for Electromagnetic Simulation, in an Efficient Way

Vincent Leconte, Director of Program Management & Business Development – EM Solutions Today, in order to avoid tedious geometry model input work, importing a CAD model to build a finite element model is a workflow that is used more widely. … Read More

FEKO 2017.1 New Features

Peter Futter – Application Specialist Business Development – EM Solutions FEKO 2017.1 was released this month (May 2017) with a range of new features and bug fixes. Some of the highlights in this release include: A new cache file stores cable … Read More

Flux & System Simulation Coupling

Vincent Leconte, Director of Program Management & Business Development – EM Solutions   Co-simulation Flux electromagnetic simulation software embeds its own electric circuit editor, but when it comes to more advanced analysis, from the design of complex drives to the study … Read More

Internet of Things: Value, Waves, and More

Jordi Soler

Jordi Soler

Director of Business Development, Electromagnetic Solutions at Altair
Dr. Jordi Soler is Director of Global Business Development for Altair's electromagnetic solutions, including FEKO electromagnetic simulation software, one of Jordi's passions since 2000. Jordi has 17+ years' industrial experience and a strong background in electromagnetics and in computational electromagnetics related to multiple areas, including antennas, EMC, RCS and electronics. He has occupied several business development and engineering management positions and led multiple product development projects for many industries, including automotive, aerospace, military, electronics, wireless and telecommunications. He has won several international awards and is co-inventor of +20 patents involved in licensing deals worth more than $70 million.
Jordi Soler

It seems like yesterday when in fact, it was more than 10 years ago when I was working on product development projects related to the first chips and devices based on ZigBee for home automation applications. At that time, ZigBee … Read More