Material Certification of Laminated Composites

*This article was authored by ROBERT YANCEY, JEFFREY WOLLSCHLAGER, COLIN MCAULIFFE, JACOB FISH and originally published in the 2017 Showcase magazine by  With the application of composites in aircraft structural components, material qualification requirements have been a costly burden … Read More

Product Updates: September 2016

Please log in to Altair Connect to access these software download pages. HyperForm Solista V14.0 A complete sheet metal forming simulation suite combining a fast one-step solver and a highly accurate incremental forming solver with an efficient geometry engine for … Read More

Tips & Tricks: September 2016

Tips & Tricks #1187: HyperView – Minimum Distance Measure Type Calculate the shortest (minimum) distance between any two entities during a simulation Tips & Tricks #1188: HyperMesh – Mechanism Tool Modelling of kinematic systems by the definition of kinematic assemblies … Read More

Scripts of the Month: August 2016

Script #1046: Create an XML of user defined results This script creates an XML of all user defined results created using ResultMath. Script #1048 : Pass the assembly hierarchy HyperMesh to HyperCrash This script can execute on HyperMesh, and can … Read More