Edge-Fed Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna

An example of how a rectangular microstrip patch may be fed at an edge. This example models the rectangular microstrip patch antenna that was analysed by Wu et al [1].  It consists of a simple rectangular microstrip antenna with the reference plane … Read More

Tips & Tricks: August 2017

T & T 1240 – HyperStudy – User Utility T & T 1241 – HyperMesh – Delete Setting Files T & T 1242 – RADIOSS – Material Law 2 – a,b and n values T & T 1243 – HyperCrash … Read More

Side view

Bluetooth Integration in a Vehicle

This white paper uses Antenna Magus to design a suitable antenna for a bluetooth tranceiver in an automotive application and investigates whether the antenna will function properly in the vehicle environment. It has become commonplace for vehicle manufacturers to integrate … Read More