Two-port probe-fed circular antenna model

Two-Port Probe-Fed Circular Antenna

A two-port probe-fed circular microstrip antenna is simulated as an example. This example presents the computation of the S-parameters for a two-port probe-fed circular microstrip antenna. The antenna was orginally analysed in [1], allowing simple validation of the FEKO results. … Read More

Trends in Structural Analysis: FEA, Composites, HPC, and Beyond

HyperWorks provides a broad portfolio of multi-physics solvers covering mechanical, electromagnetic, fluid/thermal, and model-based development systems, all wrapped around optimization technologies. The following Q&A transcript summarizes thoughts of Uwe Schramm, Chief Technical Officer at Altair on different aspects to consider … Read More

Tips & Tricks October 2017

T & T 1252 – RADIOSS – Advanced Mass Scaling T & T 1253 – solidThinking Inspire – Pretension T & T 1254 – SimLab – Symmetry Mesh T & T 1255 – SimLab – Change Mesh Pattern T & … Read More


Microstrip Filter Optimisation Using Masks

This page describes the optimisation of a microstrip line filter with the use of masks. Specified filter characteristics are realised. Introduction In this article, the FEKO optimisation mask feature will be used to optimise the response of a microstrip filter. … Read More

Microstrip-Fed Slot Antenna

A microstrip-fed slot antenna was designed using Antenna Magus for the following specifications: 5 GHz centre frequency 50 Ω input impedance FR4 substrate, ε = 4.35, height = 1.5mm Dimensions of the slot and feed-line are: Ws = 743.3 μm … Read More

Excalibur tag antenna

Electromagnetic Modelling of UHF RFID Systems

An overview of UHF RFID system EM modeling, including tag antenna in isolation, tag antenna placement and reader antenna operating environment. Introduction The use of radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions is becoming ever more widespread. From simply tagging retail items … Read More