Tips & Tricks: May 2017

T & T 1232 – HyperView – Radius Measure T & T 1233 – SimLab – Darker Shade T & T 1234 – HyperMesh – Detach from wall (Geomechanics) T & T 1235 – HyperMesh – MODCHG in HyperMesh – … Read More

A Walk Through the Simulations Gallery

It’s always interesting to see how our simulation platform enables engineers to solve real engineering problems. Numerous examples are presented by customers at the Altair Technology Conferences (ATC) throughout the world this past year. Just to give you an idea … Read More

Synchronous Machine Skew Modeling Flux Geometry

Skewed Synchronous Machine Design

  Rotating electrical machine designers are looking for to design high-reliability, minimum power losses, maximum power, maximum torque and low mechanical resonance vibration and noise motor. To meet the needs of electrical machine designers, Flux team started developing tools that … Read More