Product Updates: July 2016

AcuSolve 14.0.301 This patch release contains updates for the V14.0 release of AcuSolve. HyperWorks 14.0.1 HyperWorks Desktop 14.0.120 HyperWorks Solvers 14.0.220 FEKO 14.0.420   Please log in to Altair Connect to access these software download pages.

Scripts of the Month: July 2016

Script #1190: QuickMath for HyperView This script is allows the user to quickly check Min, Max, Sum, and Avg value of contour on selected entities (nodes or elements). It creates a table of all the selection groups and also allows … Read More

Tips & Tricks: July 2016

Tips & Tricks #1183: OS-14.0.210 – OptiStruct Surface stress optimization   Tips & Tricks #1184: OS-14.0.210 – OptiStruct Weld element force response  

Confessions of a Dataset

“If you torture the data long enough, it will confess” said the British economist Ronald Coase. I will soften this quote as “If you massage the data long enough, it will tell you its story. ” I find this to … Read More