Learning Video: HyperCrash

This learning video will guide you through a brief overview of HyperCrash, Altair’s modeling environment for crash analysis and safety evaluation. Part of HyperWorks and very well integrated with HyperMesh, HyperCrash is a robust pre-processing environment specifically designed to automate … Read More

Product Updates – August 2012

HW11.0.131.HWDesktop: The known issue of Math option within the HyperView FLD panel has been fixed in the HW11.0.131-HWDesktop. Make sure you have HW11.0.130-HWDesktop installed before installing HW11.0.131-HWDekstop. Reference the release notes for full details. Login to the Client Center to … Read More

Autopitch Tool

Topic details: The Autopitch functionality is meant to be used in a model build process, when the CAD part data is made available to the CAE group without publishing the weld data. Once the CAD part data is handed over … Read More

2D Element Cleanup using Quality Index Tools

Topic details: The Quality Index panel calculates a single value, called compound Q.I., which represents the quality of the displayed shell (2D) model. This value is calculated based on criteria entered by the user and can be used to optimize … Read More

The Challenge of Crashworthiness for Composites Cars

It doesn’t seem so long ago that passenger safety and vehicle crashworthiness were the battleground where automakers differentiated their products. Now, as many OEMs have created product development systems that rely on a CAE-driven strategy to deliver excellent passive safety … Read More