Partner Spotlight: madymo by tass

MADYMO Drives Innovation in the Sports Industry For more than just automotive crash tests, MADYMO’s human and dummy models and impact analysis tools have become valuable technologies for sports applications. Human models can be used for biomechanical study such as … Read More

9 Months of HyperWorks Tips and Tricks

9 months of HyperWorks Tips and Tricks HyperMesh Selecting Nodes by Path Meshing with minimum edge deviation Automatically Assigning Properties and Materials Surface Deviation Meshing Boundary Conditions – Loads Summary Tool Creating Contact Surfaces and Interfaces for RADIOSS with HyperMesh … Read More

Partner Spotlight: DSHplus by FLUIDON

Model Animation for Hydraulic and Pneumatic System Simulation DSHplus Model Animation displays the components symbols of fluid power systems with respect to their technical operating status. This can be achieved online during the simulation run or in a later offline … Read More

Tips & Tricks May, 2011

HyperMesh / OptiStruct Running Autobead from OSSmooth Learn More MotionView Specifying Initial Conditions to Bodies and Joints Learn More

Composite Optimization

Composites offer a number of compelling advantages, but they also present some daunting design challenges.  For example, the orthotropic nature of continuous-fiber-reinforced composites presents the designer with many more design variables to consider, such as ply angles, fiber volume fractions … Read More