Centralized Enterprise Licensing: Cost Analytics

Going beyond software license monitoring… Many corporations calculate the cost of doing business for each business unit or department. In some cases, corporations will calculate costs based on geographic locations. Enterprise licensing represents a significant expense that needs to be … Read More

June 2019 Tips & Tricks

T & T 1348 – OptiStruct – Equivalent Plastic Strain Response for Optimization T & T 1349 – OptiStruct – Contact Pressure, Force as a Response for optimization T & T 1350 – OptiStruct – Failure response for topology optimization … Read More

e-Mobility: A Silent Revolution?

For more than a century, the internal combustion engine (ICE) – in all its shapes and forms – has been propelling us across land, sea and air. With ever-growing concerns over fossil fuels affecting the environment, as well as their … Read More