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Composite Optimization

Composites offer a number of compelling advantages, but they also present some daunting design challenges.  For example, the orthotropic nature of continuous-fiber-reinforced composites presents the designer with many more design variables to consider, such as ply angles, fiber volume fractions … Read More

ATK uses OptiStruct to Improve Lunar Lander Design

ATK Aerospace Structures in Clearfield, UT is a premier aerospace design and manufacturing company focusing on the design and manufacture of composite structures. ATK used Altair® OptiStruct® to provide the conceptual design ideas necessary to reduce the Altair Lunar Lander … Read More

Partner Spotlight: DIGIMAT by e-Xstream

e-Xstream engineering is a provider of simulation software & engineering services 100% focused on advanced material modeling. e-Xstream engineering develops and commercializes DIGIMAT – The nonlinear multi-scale material and structure modeling platform. DIGIMAT quickens the development of optimal composite materials … Read More

Tips & Tricks April, 2011

HyperMesh Modeling Composites with HyperMesh and HyperLaminate Learn More HyperView / HyperGraph Reviewing Laminate Ply Results in HyperView Learn More