Monthly Archives: February 2012

Shielding Effectiveness of Metallic Enclosure

A metallic enclosure containing a number of apertures is modeled in FEKO to determine its shielding effectiveness As wireless communication increases in popularity the shielding of radiation sensitive devices / circuitry becomes more and more important.  A simple shielding technique … Read More


Log Periodic Dipole Array

A log-periodic dipole array is modeled in FEKO to determine input impedance and radiation patterns Log-periodic dipole arrays (LPDAs) are wideband structures having a geometry such that its impedance and radiation characteristics vary periodically with the logarithm of frequency. This … Read More

Salisbury screen

Salisbury Screen

RCS reduction of a perfectly conducting plate by use of a Salisbury screen is modeled in FEKO Salisbury screens are used to reduce back-scattering from flat perfect electrically conducting (PEC) plates. A resistive sheet having a resistivity close to that … Read More

Altair in the Cloud

There is a lot of talk about “cloud computing” these days. But, what does that mean? And how does this new technology apply to computer-aided engineering (CAE)? More specifically, how does it work with HyperWorks applications? For example, suppose you … Read More

Learning Video: Altair Compute Manager

Altair’s Compute Manager is a web-based app to submit, monitor & manage CAE jobs on distributed resources. With the integration of Altair’s PBS Works workload management solutions and HyperWorks simulation capabilities, it provides a reliable and affordable enterprise simulation platform. … Read More

Customer Spotlight: TADANO FAUN

World-Leading Crane Manufacturer TADANO FAUN Accelerates Its Design Processes with HyperWorks Designing mobile cranes, with countless possible configurations, can be a mind-bending experience for Tadano Faun GmbH engineers. The Japanese-owned company, headquartered near Nuremberg, Germany, is one of the world’s … Read More