Monthly Archives: March 2012

Learning Video: HyperWorks BasicFEA

BasicFEA – released with the HyperWorks 11.0.120 update – is a new HyperMesh user profile offered as part of the HyperWorks Engineering Solutions. It allows users from the novice to expert level to run a broad range of simple analyses, … Read More

Formula Student Racing

Two University of Stuttgart racing teams recently reported exceptional results from employing HyperWorks tools to simulate vehicle design and reduce the weight of their cars prior to vehicle construction. The impact of HyperWorks is evident in the victories earned by … Read More

Product Updates – March 2012

HW-11.0.120-HWDesktop This update includes many exciting features, enhancements and bug fixes to HyperWorks 11.0 Desktop applications including HyperMesh, HyperView, HyperGraph, MotionView, HyperStudy, HyperMath, Solver Interfaces, Engineering Solutions and Manufacturing Solutions. Download HW-11.0.120-HWDesktop  

Tips & Tricks: Flex body simulation

“rigidified = ” – a useful flex body attribute Introduction: This article serves as an introduction to a recently introduced attribute called ‘Rigidified” for the Flex body statement in MotionSolve (XML). This is an optional Boolean attribute, which allows the … Read More