Monthly Archives: May 2012

Why Composites Are Taking Off in the Aviation Industry

Composites are flying high in the aircraft industry as manufacturers look for ways to reduce weight, improve performance and create a better customer experience. Composites, of course, weigh considerably less than conventional aluminum and titanium materials, and they offer a … Read More

Learning Video: Composites Modeling in HyperMesh

The video describes some of the features available in HyperMesh 11.0 in order to efficiently manage FE modeling of composites components. Capabilities include importing CPD data from CAD files, visualizing ply directions and properties, and 3D realistic ply thickness and … Read More

Morph Wall Thickness

Topic details: The aim of this article is to show how to change the wall thickness of a solid part. Mesh can be tetra or hexa elements.  Two cases are presented. Case 1: Simple geometry Case 2: Complex geometry Download … Read More