Monthly Archives: June 2012

Learning Video: HyperStudy

This short video demonstrates an effective process of calibrating multiple models using design of experiments (DoE) and optimization methods in HyperStudy. We applied this process to calibrate a ductile aluminum alloy modeled in RADIOSS block as an elasto-plastic material using … Read More

Product Updates – June 2012

SimLab 11.0 Released SimLab V11.0 contains many new  features and enhancements for solver interface, Performance improvements in handling large models & Node matching Assembly etc. It also  includes a new simplified Volume Mesher user interface, upgrade to latest version of … Read More

What is Frequency Response Analysis in Radioss

Topic details: Frequency Response Analysis is used to calculate the response of a structure subject to steady state oscillatory excitation. Typical applications are NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) analyses of vehicles, rotating machinery and transmissions. The analysis is to compute … Read More

Map Thickness from Geometry to FE Model

Topic details: The new Mid-Mesh Thickness utility allows the automatic mapping of thickness from any legacy geometry to a representative FE model. There are several options to control how the thicknesses are applied to nodes, elements or properties plus auto-correction … Read More