Monthly Archives: July 2012

Learning Video: AcuSolve

This short video shows the process to setup and solve a CFD flow analysis of a rotating machinary in HyperWorks, utilizing tools like AcuSolve, AcuConsole and AcuFieldView.

Product Updates – July 2012

HW11.0.130.HWDesktop: HW-11.0.130-HWDesktop contains many exciting features, enhancements and bug fixes to HyperWorks 11.0 Desktop applications including HyperMesh, HyperView, HyperGraph, MotionView, HyperStudy, HyperMath, Solver Interfaces, Engineering Solutions and Manufacturing Solutions. Reference the release notes for full details. Login to the Client … Read More

Using HyperMath to Contour Custom Results in HyperView

Topic details: HyperView can contour custom results calculated using a HyperMath script using the results math utility. The user stays in a single environment i.e. HyperView. Using HyperMath’s extensive and efficient math libraries complex math calculations can be performed. Download … Read More

Using Meshlines in HyperMesh

Topic details: A meshline is a line on the elements of a 2d (shell) mesh that is associated with the mesh by retaining information about where it enters and exits each shell element. Closed loop of meshlines can be used … Read More