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James joined Altair in 1987 where he worked as a structural analyst and as a multi-body dynamics analyst in the field of vehicle dynamics. He is currently the Chief Technical Officer for Altair’s modeling, visualization, and math-based solutions and strategy with a primary responsibility to create an exceptional user experience across Altair’s entire software portfolio. For more than 25 years, James has been a visionary behind Altair’s software strategy and development activities. Prior to his role as CTO, he was the Senior Vice President for solidThinking®. James received his BSME in 1988 from the University of Michigan and his MS in Applied Mechanics from U of M in 1993.

Nothing Between You and Your Design

This article is from the Innovation Intelligence blog, and includes additional content for the HyperWorks Insider. The More Things Change… A few years ago, I read the complete papers of Wilbur and Orville Wright that included nearly every note, letter, and calculation … Read More

Let Your Ideas Take Shape!

When I was in high school and considering career choices, I had it easy. I only considered one option: becoming an engineer. My brothers and I spent our early years imagining, designing and building model planes, boats, go-carts, robots, furniture, … Read More