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Large Antenna Array Modelling – A Helix Antenna Case Study

Modeling very large antenna arrays can be computationally expensive, even with high frequency methods such as the MLFMM. Detailed steps are given to model an arbitrary size array of wire helices using the radiation pattern point source approximation in FEKO. … Read More

Modelling Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

An application note on the modelling of MRI in FEKO. Introduction EM simulation involves the numerical approximation of Maxwell’s equations to determine the EM behaviour of detectors and radiating structures. No physical assumptions are made regarding the fields when using … Read More

Worrying about Intellectual Property? Combine Measurements with FEKO Simulations

Jordi Soler

Jordi Soler

Vice President of Global Business Development at Altair
Dr. Jordi Soler is Vice President of Global Business Development for Altair's electromagnetic solutions, including FEKO electromagnetic simulation software, one of Jordi's passions since 2000. Jordi has 17+ years' industrial experience and a strong background in electromagnetics and in computational electromagnetics related to multiple areas, including antennas, EMC, RCS and electronics. He has occupied several business development and engineering management positions and led multiple product development projects for many industries, including automotive, aerospace, military, electronics, wireless and telecommunications. He has won several international awards and is co-inventor of +20 patents involved in licensing deals worth more than $70 million.
Jordi Soler

Numerical modelling of electromagnetic (EM) phenomena is maturing quickly due to ease of use, intuitive simulation codes and powerful hardware solutions. By taking advantages from the synergies between EM simulations and measurements, the industry can make earlier decisions on important … Read More

reflector model

Crossed Dipole Array in Front of Reflector

A crossed dipole array with metallic reflector is modeled in FEKO to determine its gain pattern. In mobile communication systems the position and orientation of the receiving and transmitting antennas change continually. This can affect the signal strength at the receiver, … Read More


Annular Ring Microstrip Antenna Characterisation

An annular ring antenna from open literature is simulated and compared with the published results. Model Geometry This article presents the FEKO simulation of an annular ring example from [1].  Figure 1 depicts the geometry from [1, Fig. 2b] with … Read More

Design and Optimization of an LTE Mobile Phone Antenna

In this white paper an LTE antenna is designed for use in a mobile phone, using a dual-port configuration. Using FEKO, the antenna is also optimized for minimal reflection co-efficient at both ports and cross-coupling between the ports as low … Read More

Temperature distribution

Thermal Analysis for Implant Safety

The number of people with medical implants, such as pacemakers, replacement for various joints and monitoring devices are increasing steadily. At the same time, more and more people undergo MRI examinations for diagnostic purposes. During an MRI scan, strong RF … Read More