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Ku-Band Waveguide Filter

A Ku-band waveguide filter is modelled in FEKO to determine its frequency response Waveguide transmission lines are used in communications systems to feed horn or slotted waveguide antennas.  A filter is usually required to remove unwanted signal content and realising … Read More

Thick monopole antenna

16 Wire Conical Feed Monopole Antenna

Results are presented for modeling the thick monopole with conical feed as a set of wires Dipole and monopole antennas are resonant structures which are inherently narrowband.  Various methods have been proposed to increase the bandwidth of these antennas, one … Read More

simulated horn antennas

Analysing a Pyramidal Horn Antenna with the MLFMM

A pyramidal horn is analysed with the MLFMM to obtain both near- and far-field plots. Results are compared to published literature. Introduction Pyramidal horns are common structures in antenna engineering and can be used on their own or as feed … Read More

Use PEAKOUT to reduce the amount of output for Frequency Response analysis

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Dev Anand

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The purpose of this functionality is to occur. Other result output may then be requested at these “peak” supported for frequency response solution sequences. Download the Entire Tip>>

Helix Antenna Design with Antenna Magus and FEKO

An example of how Antenna Magus can be used as a basis for customized antenna design problems in FEKO. Step-by-step helix antenna design. Antenna designers often start with a standard design, but have to customize the design to achieve better … Read More

Spheroid RCS Computations

Spheroids with various axial ratios and material properties are modeled in FEKO to calculate the effect on RCS Solving the scattered field from bodies of various shapes and material properties is a very common problem in electromagnetic theory. The radar … Read More

Salisbury screen

Salisbury Screen

RCS reduction of a perfectly conducting plate by use of a Salisbury screen is modeled in FEKO Salisbury screens are used to reduce back-scattering from flat perfect electrically conducting (PEC) plates. A resistive sheet having a resistivity close to that … Read More