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Waveguide Applications of FEKO

Introduction The various CEM methods in FEKO make it well suited to the simulation of non-radiating structures. Waveguide circuits are an excellent example of this kind of problem and this application note highlights some of the benchmark simulations of waveguide … Read More

Inverted F Antenna

A symmetric inverted F antenna is modeled in FEKO showing how size reduction is achieved through inductive loading. With recent advances in communication technology physical design constraints of antennas, such as weight and size have become more important and a … Read More

Characteristic Mode Analysis of a Metallic Ring Antenna

Characteristic mode analysis is carried out to give insight into the radiation properties of a metallic ring antenna. The normalised surface current distributions and far field patterns of the first four eigencurrents of a metallic ring antenna based on the … Read More

Automotive Windscreen Antenna Analysis

Introduction Vehicle manufacturers are incorporating an increasingly wide variety of antennas into vehicles for AM, FM, television and GPS reception, for GSM communication, for automated tolling, and so forth. To find a combination of antenna topologies and locations, which is … Read More

Impedance Loaded Omni-Directional Left-Handed Loop Antenna

An omni-directional left-handed loop antenna was proposed by Iizuka and Hall in [1].  The antenna consists of wires and LC lumped elements to load the wires appropriately.  Figure 1 shows the geometry of this antenna. The loop antenna was simulatd … Read More

Edge-Fed Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna

An example of how a rectangular microstrip patch may be fed at an edge. This example models the rectangular microstrip patch antenna that was analysed by Wu et al [1].  It consists of a simple rectangular microstrip antenna with the reference plane … Read More

Antenna Magus antenna information browser

Antenna Placement on Aircraft Platforms with FEKO and Antenna Magus

A dielectric patch antenna is designed to user specification with Antenna Magus and placed on an aircraft for simulation of various performance parameters with FEKO. System integrators are often interested in the effects on performance of an antenna when it … Read More