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Waveguide Transition Modelled in FEKO and FEST3D

A rectangular to circular waveguide transition is modelled in FEKO and FEST3D. The interface between FEKO and FEST3D allows the usage of FEST3D results (the modes calculated at one of the ports of the FEST3D model) as excitation for the … Read More

Side view

Bluetooth Integration in a Vehicle

This white paper uses Antenna Magus to design a suitable antenna for a bluetooth tranceiver in an automotive application and investigates whether the antenna will function properly in the vehicle environment. It has become commonplace for vehicle manufacturers to integrate … Read More

L-Probe Fed Conformal Patch

A spherically conformal patch antenna is modeled in FEKO to determine its impedance match and radiation patterns Certain applications require antennas to conform to a specific shape or surface. Conforming an antenna to a certain shape affects its performance.  These … Read More


Antenna Radiation Safety Zones Using Scripting in POSTFEKO

Scripting is used to determine the safety zones of a yagi antenna according to INIRC 88 and NRPB 89 standards. Introduction A variety of international safety standards for civil and military applications exist to ensure that people do not get … Read More

Matching network design

DVB Antenna Design and Matching with Antenna Magus, Optenni Lab and FEKO

An antenna is designed for VHF and UHF DVB operation using Antenna Magus, a matching network is designed in Optenni Lab and the full combination simulated in FEKO. Television broadcasts are moving to digital formats all over the globe, with … Read More

3D total gain patterns

Time Analysis of UWB Antennas

An elliptical patch antenna is simulated to illustrate how FEKO can be applied to investigate time domain characteristics of UWB antennas including the fidelity, a measure of how similar the radiated waveform is to the excitation signal. Ultra-wideband (UWB) antennas … Read More

SRR filter prototype

Compact Triple-Band Filter Using Multiple Split-Ring Resonators

A novel design for a compact triple-band filter using multiple split ring resonators is simulated and compared to measurements. Planar Green functions are an ideal solution method for the analysis of microstrip networks.   The Method of Moments (MoM) formulation that … Read More