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VisSim Spotlight: VisSim v9 Saves Hawaii from Invasive Species

Peter Darnell

Senior Vice President - Model-Based Embedded Tools at Altair
Peter is the Vice President of Model-Based Embedded Tools at Altair. He received a patent of efficient multi-core thread synchronization and worked on parallel vector code generation. He started Visual Solutions in 1989 to create VisSim, and soon began working closely with Texas Instruments. Peter continues his work on VisSim since the Altair acquisition of Visual Solutions in August 2014. He holds a degree in Physics from the University of Connecticut.
Peter Darnell

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VisSim is helping to solve problems in far-flung places, including the Hawaiian islands. Francis Benevides, an electronics engineer and affiliate faculty member with the University of Hawaii at Hilo, has been using VisSim for a number of years to help … Read More

VisSim 9.0 Release

Michael Hoffman

Senior Vice President for Math & Systems - HyperWorks at Altair
Michael joined Altair in 2006, and is currently the Senior Vice President for Math & Systems at Altair. He has over 25 years of experience in simulation driven development gained in multiple roles in research institutes, product development organizations , and solution providers. In his current role he oversees Altair's new offering for the Math and System market.
He holds a masters and PhD degree in mechanics from the Technical University of Darmstadt.
Michael Hoffman

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VisSim 9.0 was released earlier this year. The new version increases engineering productivity and expands its support of the Texas Instruments (TI) C2000 product family.

Altair ProductDesign Group Expands its Services

Tony Norton

Executive Vice President - ProductDesign at Altair ProductDesign
Tony leads the Americas based Altair ProductDesign teams in the delivery of early concept (industrial design, design exploration, testing & prototyping) and advanced simulation driven design (cutting-edge modeling, optimization, methods development & automation) to our customers. Before joining Altair UK in 1996, he worked at both Ford Motor Company and GEC-Marconi Avionics. He moved to Michigan in 1999 to join Altair US, and holds a Bachelors degree from The University of Hertfordshire in England.
Tony Norton

The Altair ProductDesign group is a multi-disciplinary development consultancy of more than 800 engineers with a consistent record of delivering innovative, profitable products to market on a tighter, more efficient time-scale. Their expertise in mechanical structures coupled with state-of-the-art model-based … Read More