Why Join the Electromagnetic Support Forums?

Altair Electromagnetic Support ForumWith the plethora of information on the web today, forums are a crucial place to find the useful information you need.  At Altair we aim to provide the best possible technical support to our customers.  We have a well-defined electromagnetic community, well-versed in our software tools, so it made sense to create dedicated forums for all our products, making it easier to find answers to issues quickly and efficiently.

The forum is an ideal place to find information, get answers by knowledgeable members of the community and also to help fellow users. Whilst our team of engineers around the world are on-hand to answer any questions, we also have a richer vein of experience from which to draw on – you, our customer! We invite you to join the Altair forum to learn more about the capabilities and share your experience with of our software.

So how do I sign-up?

The good news is that the forum is free, easy to join and easy to use. The forum content covers a wide range of topics and expands all the time. If you have a question, search the forum to see if the question has already been asked and answered or ask a new question.

Join our active electromagnetic forum community today and follow the FEKO, WinProp and Flux forums to get email notifications of all our new content.

Let’s work to engage like-minded users and find innovative solutions together. Join us now