Fast Matching Circuits Design with Optenni Lab

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Ubiquitous connectivity which is used in so many upcoming and future technologies (consumer electronics, automotive, IoT, etc.) need antennas to enable the wireless communication layer. Often the antenna real estate is limited, either by the physical device size or simply to be inconspicuous, requiring a matching circuit to improve the antenna impedance  bandwidth. Also, significantly more antenna arrays will be used for 5G applications. Designing matching networks for antennas and antenna arrays are areas where Optenni Lab excels.

Optenni Lab is a software tool for synthesis and optimization of matching circuits for multiband, broadband, multi-antenna, tunable antenna systems and high frequency electronics applications. In addition to being fast and easy to use, Optenni Lab also offers libraries of real components from various suppliers and tolerance analysis capabilities – all of which make it an extremely well rounded tool for designing and implementing real antenna matching circuits.

Optenni Lab is used together with FEKO as a complete solution for antenna and array design whenever a matching is required. A link automates data transfer between the 2 softwares seamlessly:

  1. FEKO is used for the initial unmatched antenna simulation
  2. The touchstone data is transferred to Optenni Lab where the matching circuit is designed
  3. The touchstone data for the matching circuit is transferred back to FEKO and connected to the feed(s) appropriately for further simulations

The above workflow is valid for single and multiport antennas and arrays.

On 15 November Optenni lab joined the Altair Partner Alliance (APA) and is now available to Altair customers at no incremental cost. Further information is available in the official press release.

In this webinar, the team provides a short introduction to Optenni Lab.  For more information about the software, please visit the product page for Optenni Lab.

Watch this short video which demonstrates the designing of matching circuits in Optenni Lab based on FEKO simulations.

Optenni Lab

Peter Futter
Peter Futter

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Peter Futter is a senior application specialist for electromagnetic (EM) solutions at Altair Engineering, based in Stellenbosch, South Africa. He has diverse expertise in numerical simulation for a range of Electromagnetic applications, technical support and product strategy and business development in a competitive global market place. His technical specialties include antenna design, integration and placement, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).