FEKO 2017.1 New Features

Peter Futter – Application Specialist Business Development – EM Solutions

FEKO 2017.1 was released this month (May 2017) with a range of new features and bug fixes. Some of the highlights in this release include:

  • A new cache file stores cable per-unit-length parameters which speeds up continuous frequency range calculations for cable harnesses
  • Near field aperture source transformations for PO and LE-PO resulting in significant speedup
  • Network voltage sources support added for the RL-GO solver
  • Parameter sweep plugin extensions
  • FEKO Student Edition now allows the import of Parasolid CAD geometry
  • Significant improvement working with a large number of points – when importing NASTRAN segments (CADFEKO) or when working with time signals (POSTFEKO).

Extensions to the POSTFEKO API include:

  • New methods for exporting *.mat files. Matrices, complex matrices, datasets and tables (that may contain numbers or strings) can be exported to *.mat
  • Improved options are available to read data from *.mat file and to manipulate the imported data.

Further information about this release is available in the release notes.