Getting the 3D Mesh of your CAD Model Ready for Electromagnetic Simulation, in an Efficient Way

Vincent Leconte, Director of Program Management & Business Development – EM Solutions

Today, in order to avoid tedious geometry model input work, importing a CAD model to build a finite element model is a workflow that is used more widely. Within its 3D modeler, Flux has a full set of tools to ease the CAD import process, with part assembly, defeaturing and simplification capabilities.

The latest Flux 12.3 version brings even more powerful features allowing for handling complex 3D geometries.

A new 3D mesh generator in Flux

The Flux mesh generator is flexible and very well adapted to deal with low frequency electromagnetic modeling. It can be used as fully automatic, but manual user controls can be added in order to fine tune the mesh for high accuracy results. In addition, Flux 12.3 benefits from a new 3D volume mesh generator based on MeshGems, a world-class leading meshing technology for demanding CAE. It is a very robust and efficient solution, which allows  the 3D meshing of complex geometries to be achieved in less time.


Using HyperMesh or SimLab

With HyperMesh and SimLab, Altair proposes market-leading tools for the pre-processing of finite element modeling, helping shortening the time of 3D model set-up. The part assembly, simplification tools and powerful meshing techniques they offer can help Flux users to generate 3D meshes of complex CAD assemblies. With the latest Flux version, a seamless workflow is proposed to use the 3D meshes generated by the two tools. From the mesh, physics can be assigned in Flux to get ready for solving.

seamless workflow in Flux