Griiip Develops Innovative Race-Cars, Fostered by the Altair Startup Program

Will Haines

In a sport where fractions of a second separate first and second place, simulation-driven innovation is an absolute necessity for teams to find the winning edge. Griiip, a startup company out of Israel, is leveraging the HyperWorks simulation platform to bring new and exciting concepts to the world of racing.

Hailing from a country without a native motorsport industry, Griiip saw an opportunity to think outside of the box and bring new insights to improve performance of racing vehicles targeted to entry level competition categories.

Griiip’s G1, designed for Formula 1000 competition, is one of the lightest race cars in the world, boasting a weight of 390 kg including fuel. Together with the powerful 1000cc engine, it has an amazing power to weight ratio enhanced with advanced aerodynamics. The safety features include front, rear and side crash structures, on-board fire extinguisher and a 6-point safety harness.

“We optimize every part in the G1, every system in the car as a whole to be the best,” said Tamir Plachinsky, CEO and Founder of Griiip. “The structural integrity and efficiency are critical for success in the races. Using HyperWorks high-end simulation software suite allows us to test a wide range of physics.”

The Griiip team first met Altair as engineering students, using HyperWorks software as part of the Formula Student competition. From this point, Altair continued to support Griiip with software enabling reduced development time and lowered costs through the entire product lifecycle. The two companies continue to collaborate as Griiip scales up its operations and continues to push boundaries in its vehicle designs.

Altair’s newly launched Altair Startup Program was developed to help nurture companies like Griiip as they seek to grow their businesses. With solutions supporting early design stage concepts, product engineering, manufacturing feasibility and IoT and cloud computing, Altair offers software and expertise to address the many challenges startups face throughout the evolution of their business. Eligible startups can save up to 80% on simulation software and receive up to 16 hours of free expert consulting by participating in this program. To apply, please visit the Altair Startup Program page.

Will Haines

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