New HyperWorks Release!

Altair Engineering is Proud to Announce

the Release of 10.0-SA1-150, 10.0-SA1-405 & 10.0-SA1-612!

Now with Windows 7 Support!

Continuing to build on the strengths of the HyperWorks 10.0 suite of tools, Altair has released 10.0-SA1-150.  This service pack introduces several of new features as well as resolving a number of issues. These releases supersede all previous SA releases, therefore only 10.0-SA1-150,10.0-SA1-404 & 10.0-SA1-612 need be installed on top of the base 10.0 package.  If you require JT geometry input capability with HyperWorks, the 10.0-SA1-152 package is available for download and should be installed after 10.0-SA1-150.

The full release notes as well as the software download packages can be found at within the Software Download page.

Here are some of the great new features this package brings:

HyperWorks 10.0-SA1-150


  • Added support for Windows 7
  • Model Browser Component View Enhancements for Direct/Indirect property handling
  • Connector Realization quality improvements for seam realizations which create a continuous hexa run
  • Model Browser Property View enhancements with display of direct and indirect property information
  • HiLock connector realizations can now be FE-Absorbed
  • Added Assembly Hierarch to the HyperView results browser

FE Solver Interfaces

RADIOSS (Bulk) and Nastran

  • NSM1, NSML1 are now supported in a new NSM panel, NSM and NSML are automatically converted to NSM1 and NSML1
  • OP2 Reader enhancements
  • XDB reader added support for 1D, composites and element force results


  • Automatic detection of *AMPLITUDE card export format
  • Enhancements to the generation of Analytical Rigid Surfaces
  • Improvements to the contact results grouping algorithm


  • Improvements to the ANSYS Contact Manager


  • Improvements in Boundary Layer Mesh generation


  • Numerous updates the HyperWorks online documentation.

Many More Enhancments

  • HyperMesh, HyperView, HyperGraph, MotionView have all received numerous improvements to their capabilities.

HyperWorks 10.0-SA1-405


  • Many speed and robustness improvements
  • Assembly and part parameter information is now exported
  • Customizable connections for LS-DYNA
  • New algorithm for creating 2d belts eliminating penetration with the dummy
  • Free-Hand moving/positioning of nodes
  • Many new LS-DYNA keywords supported
  • Updates to Mass Balancing and Mass Calculations
  • Result Mapper
    • Symmetry is now available
    • Simplified mapping between similar geometries
    • Fully compatible with LS-DYNA
  • Improved solver conversion between RADIOSS, LS-DYNA and PAM CRASH
  • Improved robustness and usability
  • Resolved issues when transferring MBD results
  • Updated interface

Available Now!

  • Go to the Free Software Download section on to get these exciting new Service Add-on packages.

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