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We understand that it has become increasingly difficult to get away from your day-to-day activities to learn. With cuts to travel budgets and increased workloads, leaving the office for multiple days to attend training is not always an option. With the advancements in technology for learning, we have multiple options that offer you training right at your desk. To make it easier to access these options we have recently launched Altair University. This is a one stop location to fulfill all of your training needs. Altair University provides access to many different online training options as well as traditional instructor led training. The online options available through the website include Virtual Instructor Led classes, Self Paced Courses, and New Feature Videos.

Virtual Instructor Led Classes

Virtual Instructor Led Classes allow you take a class right from your desk.  The classes use GoToTraining to provide the content online with a live instructor.


The class material is broken up in 2 hour sessions over multiple days to make it easier for you to fit it into your days.  During the two-hour sessions you will be provided with instruction by a live instructor along with the chance to perform exercises while the instructor is available for questions.  Each session will be recorded and made available for participants following the completion of the class.  These recordings allow you to go back to the sessions as often as needed on your own time.  Students are able to download the course materials and run the exercises right from their own computer.  Students will need to have Internet access, speakers or headphones, a microphone, and a valid license of HyperWorks.  If a microphone is not available, students can text chat in the GoToTraining software with the instructor.  To sign up for a Virtual Instructor Led class as they are added, please visit here.

We understand that these classes are on a schedule that doesn’t work for everyone.  We also understand that the schedule does not fit your moment of need for training material all of the time.  This led us to offer an ever-growing list of self paced classes.

Self Paced Courses

Self-paced courses are available anytime, anywhere.  The self-paced courses use our See It, Try It, Do It methodology to help users learn new topics.  The See It option allows the users to watch a narrated demonstration of the exercise that goes with the module.


The Try It option provides an interactive tutorial that makes the user click to advance the tutorial.


It gives you the look and feel of being in the software without requiring a license of HyperWorks.  The Do It option provides a link to download the model and a PDF file that provides the steps to run through the exercise.  Students are also provided with a interactive examples within the modules to help learn different aspects of the software.  The courses provide a guided tour for users to run through the entire course.  You can also just go to individual topics and take them as time permits.  The course can be run through as many times as needed at your own pace.  Currently there are 9 full courses available covering many different topics including solidThinking Inspire, HyperView/HyperGraph Introduction, and Hexameshing with HyperMesh.  We will continue to add courses to this list of topics in the future.  What if you want to know about the new features in a particular release?  Along with a self-paced course for the new release we also offer New Feature Videos.  You can see the list of available courses here: Click here to see the list of available Self Paced classes

New Feature Videos

New Feature Videos provide you with an overview of the new features contained within each product within the HyperWorks Suite of tools.


For the past several releases we have averaged over 60 videos showing these features.  These are available to everyone and do not require a login to view.  These videos will help you get up to speed with the latest features and updates to the HyperWorks product suite. You can view the list of New Feature Videos from the 12.0 Release here.

Live Instructor Led Classes

We still offer our traditional instructor led classes, which can be taught at our location or on-site at your location.  We have a list of over 40 classes that are available to be taught by our instructors.


Some of these classes are regularly scheduled and can be found within Altair University in a sortable calendar.


The calendar can be sorted by region, product, or category making it easy for you to find the course you need.  Other courses can be scheduled on an on-demand basis; once we have enough students interested we can schedule the class and run it.  Registration for all scheduled classes can be done directly through Altair.

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