August 2018: Tips & Tricks

T&T 1314 – HyperMesh – Preserve Node T&T 1315 – HyperMesh – Morph Constraints with tangency T&T 1316 – HyperMesh – Fuse T&T 1317 – OptiStruct – Neuber Stress Strain for Dynamic Analysis T&T 1318 – OptiStruct – Stabilization Energy … Read More

August 2018: Product Updates

HyperWorks Desktop 2017.2.4 hotfix This is an important Desktop release to support the upcoming release of Solvers 2018.   In addition, this update has enhancements and bug fixes for HyperMesh, HyperCrash, NVDirector,  MotionAuto and many more. It is live now under … Read More

June 2018: Product Updates

Altair Inspire 2018.2.1 Altair Multiscale Designer 3.4 Altair FEKO 2018.0.2 Altair HyperWorks Desktop 2017.2.3_hotfix Altair AcuSolve 2017.2.2_hotfix  

June 2018: Tips & Tricks

T & T #1306 – HyperStudy – User defined distribution T & T #1307 – HyperStudy – Lookup Table T & T #1308 – HyperStudy -Fit Automatically Selected by Training (FAST) T & T #1309 – HyperStudy – Best Practices … Read More

A Step Towards Understanding Brain Disorders

Disruption to blood flow anywhere in the body can result in damage or death of cells. The brain is particularly vulnerable because its correct and continued function relies on a healthy network of arteries, veins and capillary blood vessels. With … Read More

May 2018: Product Updates

SimLab 2017.2.2 SimLab 2017.2.2 is coming with a good mixture of new features and improvements which helps the modeling process to be more efficient. Some of the key changes are: New search tool to locate functionalities, Improved shortcut keys, finding … Read More