Naval Radar Analysis with UTD

Read about how the UTD is used to analyse radar antenna placement on a frigate. Overview Problem setup: Consider a frigate of length 120 m An antenna (e.g. for radar purposes) is located in front of the forward mast, to … Read More

Rectangular Patch Antenna Residing in a Cavity

A description of how infinite plane Green’s functions and the MoM Surface Equivalence Principle (SEP) may be used to simulate a rectangular patch antenna residing in a cavity. This example considers a rectangular patch antenna residing in a cavity. The … Read More

Two-port probe-fed circular antenna model

Two-Port Probe-Fed Circular Antenna

A two-port probe-fed circular microstrip antenna is simulated as an example. This example presents the computation of the S-parameters for a two-port probe-fed circular microstrip antenna. The antenna was orginally analysed in [1], allowing simple validation of the FEKO results. … Read More

Trends in Structural Analysis: FEA, Composites, HPC, and Beyond

HyperWorks provides a broad portfolio of multi-physics solvers covering mechanical, electromagnetic, fluid/thermal, and model-based development systems, all wrapped around optimization technologies. The following Q&A transcript summarizes thoughts of Uwe Schramm, Chief Technical Officer at Altair on different aspects to consider … Read More

Tips & Tricks October 2017

T & T 1252 – RADIOSS – Advanced Mass Scaling T & T 1253 – solidThinking Inspire – Pretension T & T 1254 – SimLab – Symmetry Mesh T & T 1255 – SimLab – Change Mesh Pattern T & … Read More