Tips & Tricks: January 2018

T & T 1283 – HyperGraph – Convert time domain to frequency domain T & T 1284 – HyperGraph – Real and Imaginary Stress extraction for FRF analysis T & T 1285 – OptiStruct – Units to be maintained for … Read More

Designing Composites for Modern Organic Architectures

Desirable characteristics of lightweight, corrosion resistance, high strength and stiffness, whilst offering design flexibility, means composite structures are of increasing interest beyond their usual industries. One of which is architecture, building and construction where several recent market surveys predict a … Read More

Fast Matching Circuits Design with Optenni Lab

Ubiquitous connectivity which is used in so many upcoming and future technologies (consumer electronics, automotive, IoT, etc.) need antennas to enable the wireless communication layer. Often the antenna real estate is limited, either by the physical device size or simply … Read More

Tips & Tricks: December 2017

T & T 1273 – HyperStudy – Fit Filter T & T 1274 – HyperStudy – Multi-execution for flux T & T 1275 – HyperStudy – Validation run after Fit optimization T & T 1276 – HyperMesh – Model Tour … Read More