Partner Spotlight: FTire by Cosin Scientific Software

Applying Road Load Prediction for Automotive and Aerospace Durability Applications FTire is the leading higher-frequency vehicle tire simulation model used in the automotive industry. FTire is designed for ride comfort simulations and road load prediction for durability applications, on road … Read More

Tips & Tricks – February

HyperView Dynamic View Synchronization Learn More HyperView / HyperGraph Sharing Curve Information Between the HyperGraph and TextView Windows Learn More

Free Body Diagrams – Advanced Utilities to Ease the Process

Detailed part analysis and optimization involves the creation of sub-models, or breakout models, extracted from global or internal loads models.  The creation of these sub-models can be difficult and time consuming using traditional methods.  Utilizing Free Body Diagram (FBD) concepts, … Read More

New HyperWorks Release!

Altair Engineering is Proud to Announce the Release of 10.0-SA1-150, 10.0-SA1-405 & 10.0-SA1-612! Now with Windows 7 Support! Continuing to build on the strengths of the HyperWorks 10.0 suite of tools, Altair has released 10.0-SA1-150.  This service pack introduces several … Read More

Partner Spotlight: COUSTYX by ANSOL

Coustyx is a next generation acoustic simulation software to predict radiated/scattered sound fields at low-mid-high frequency regimes for applications ranging from small automotive components to large wind turbine structures.  The innovative implementation of Fast Multipole Method (FMM) along with the … Read More