Tips & Tricks – October

HyperMesh Automatically Assigning Properties and MaterialsLearn More Meshing with minimum edge deviation Learn More OptiStruct / HyperMesh Setting up objective functions for optimizationLearn More

Partner Spotlight: VMAP by TechPassion

VMAP by TechPassion – HW Partner Alliance Spotlight Noise Vibration and Harshness VMAP is a comprehensive software tool for vibration testing on real-world engineering systems that seamlessly connects virtual simulation and physical testing. Benefits: Addresses the needs of both beginners … Read More

Tips & Tricks – September

HyperMesh Selecting Nodes by PathLearn More Applying Loads to GeometryLearn More HyperView Locating Hot SpotsLearn More Extending Notes with MetaDataLearn More

CAD to Crash in 24 Hours

Engineering analysts are continually being asked to get more done in less time. In addition, they are overwhelmed with learning to use many individual tools that claim the ability to perform a specific task or component of a job. This … Read More