New HyperWorks Release!

Altair Engineering is Proud to Announce the Release of 10.0-SA1-150, 10.0-SA1-405 & 10.0-SA1-612! Now with Windows 7 Support! Continuing to build on the strengths of the HyperWorks 10.0 suite of tools, Altair has released 10.0-SA1-150.  This service pack introduces several … Read More

Partner Spotlight: COUSTYX by ANSOL

Coustyx is a next generation acoustic simulation software to predict radiated/scattered sound fields at low-mid-high frequency regimes for applications ranging from small automotive components to large wind turbine structures.  The innovative implementation of Fast Multipole Method (FMM) along with the … Read More

Tips & Tricks – January

HyperMesh Boundary Conditions – Loads Summary Tool Learn More HyperMesh / RADIOSS Creating Contact Surfaces and Interfaces for RADIOSS with HyperMesh Learn More

Analyzing Durability

Product design in today’s environment requires careful attention to all aspects of the design, including such issues as sustainability, recyclability and durability of the product. Durability of ground vehicles can be particularly challenging because of the way the vehicle is … Read More

Partner Spotlight: DesignLife by nCode

nCode DesignLife is a leading CAE solution for fatigue life prediction from finite element results. DesignLife enables engineers to go beyond simplified stress analysis and avoid under- or over-designing products by simulating actual loading conditions. DesignLife was recently used in … Read More