Partner Spotlight: What’s Coming in 2013

New partners launching:

1. January: Michigan Engineering Services (MES) will add their mid- to high-frequency vibration and acoustic simulation tool, Energy Finite Element Analysis (EFEA).

2. February: Quantech ATZ will make their simple and quick casting process simulation software, Click2Cast, available.

3. March: Cambridge Collaborative will include their mid- to high-frequency acoustic simulation tool, SEAM, to the program.

4. March: Analyswift’s SwiftComp Micromechanics, general purpose micromechanics software, will be released.

5. April: Icona Solutions, with their perceived quality software, Aesthetica, will become an alliance partner.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the introduction webinars for each of these software solutions after they launch in order to learn what they do and how to use them!

Link to APA Page:

Upcoming Events:

Learn About 3DCS Analyst + Compliant Modeler Software Webinar
DCS is a new partner in the program providing tolerance analysis in the manufacturing process.
January 16 @ 9am ET

Introduction to NovaFlow & Solid CV Webinar
NovaCast is a new partner in the program providing casting process simulation.
January 24 @ 11am ET

MultiMech Suite 101 eTraining
This will be a two hour class to help users get started using MultiMech Suite for composite modeling, and also how to leverage the integration with HyperMesh and HyperView.
February 5 @ 9am ET

New Partner Alert!

Intro to the Energy Finite Element Analysis Solver (EFEA) for NVH
A new NVH tool is being added into the Partner Program to provide mid to high frequency vibration and acoustic simulation for complex structural and acoustic systems.
February 7 @ 9am and 1pm ET

Sridhar Ravikoti
Sridhar Ravikoti

About Sridhar Ravikoti

Sridhar Ravikoti is the Technical Director of Global Partner Programs at Altair. He has been with Altair since 2000, gaining experience in engineering product development and software program management. In his current role as a technical lead for the Altair Partner Alliance, Sridhar drives a synergetic relationship between Altair offering and its Partners. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Osmania University in India, and a Master’s degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, with a major in Mechanical Engineering and a minor degree in Applied Mechanics.