Partner Spotlight: HyperWorks 14.0 brings further integration with partner products

Harri Katajisto

Partner companies continuously strive to integrate with Altair HyperWorks to better address customer specific use cases. HyperWorks 14.0 includes a number of new functionalities, with highlights including:

  • Lattice structure optimization using OptiStruct to identify the best material placement and then applying 3-maticSTL for design refinement suitable for 3D printing or additive manufacturing.
  • Improved composite design process via bi-directional interface between HyperMesh desktop and ESAComp for materials and layup import during pre-processing and failure evaluation during post-processing.

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Harri Katajisto

About Harri Katajisto

Harri holds a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology with a focus on lightweight structures. He has been the member of the ESAComp team since 2000 and joined Altair in 2017. He considers himself as a middleman working closely with industry, research and software development aiming to provide practical software solutions for the Composites Industry together with the Altair Composite Technology Team.