Partner Spotlight: Multiscale Modeling – Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Many people believe that all “multiscale” modeling techniques are alike. However, like an iceberg, the true substance of each technique is hidden below the surface. In the January edition of Scientific Computing World, two companies were featured in an article about the use of advanced computing in the oil and gas industry, supplier NOV Elmar and APA member MultiMechanics.

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Sridhar Ravikoti
Sridhar Ravikoti

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Sridhar Ravikoti is the Technical Director of Global Partner Programs at Altair. He has been with Altair since 2000, gaining experience in engineering product development and software program management. In his current role as a technical lead for the Altair Partner Alliance, Sridhar drives a synergetic relationship between Altair offering and its Partners. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Osmania University in India, and a Master’s degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, with a major in Mechanical Engineering and a minor degree in Applied Mechanics.