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HyperWorks 11.0

HW11.0.101-HWDesktop contains a new integrated full vehicle NVH modeling and visualization environment called NVH Director. Users can manage object oriented assembly definitions, including component representations, their inter-connectivity, and analysis definitions in HyperMesh. A full set of NVH diagnostic and visualization tools are available in HyperGraph and HyperView. Reference the release notes for details.

HW-11.0.101-HWDesktop contains many exciting features, enhancements and bug fixes to HyperWorks 11.0 Desktop applications including HyperMesh, HyperView, HyperGraph, MotionView, HyperStudy, HyperMath, Solver Interfaces, Engineering Solutions and Manufacturing Solutions. MotionView 11.0 is officially released in this SA update.

HW-11.0.201-HWSolvers contains many new features, enhancements and bug fixes to HyperWorks 11.0 solver suite including RADIOSS, MotionSolve, OptiStruct and HyperXtrude.

HW11.0.401-HyperCrash (released in August but updated in November) contains the new part replacement, solid spot welding for RADIOSS and offer a new accurate mass calculation for LS-DYNA. Many new cards and other enhancements are also provided.

HyperForm Solista 11.0 and HyperBlank 11.0 contain major enhancements to functionality, user interface and performance. Object oriented and browser driven process setup has been extended to all modules along with Japanese language support.

Altair License Manager 11.0.2 contains numerous fixes including dongles with server licenses, URT issues, and several minor packaging/installation bugs.


HyperWorks 10.0

HW-10.1-SA1-901-HWLicensing – This update provides the fix to HyperWorks 10.1 licensing stacking issue that may occur when invoking HyperWorks applications. Please Follow the README instruction for installing this update.

HW-10.0-SA1-613-DurDir provides enhancement and bug fixes for HyperWorks Durability Director. HyperWorks Durability Director is a solver-neutral, process-oriented customization of HyperWorks that addresses many of the challenges associated with assessing the fatigue life of mechanical components. Durability Director manages the entire durability process from cascading measured loads, to predicting fatigue on individual components in the system.