Scripts of The Month: January 2016

Script #1276: Transmissibility/ Sum SPCforces in user defined groups

Utility to create curves to sum spcforces in user defined groups and then calculate transmissibility using: transmissibility = 20*Log10(y / y_at_1_Hz ).

Scripts #1277: Automatic bolt creation

Utility to automatically detect aligned holes in shell meshes and create bolt connectors.

Scripts #1278: Duplicate the Entity-Sets with containing entity

Duplicate the Entity-Sets with containing entity. The containing entity will be duplicated.

Scripts #1279: Divide Component by Feature

Divide shell elements by their feature/angle and re-organize them into several new components.

Scripts #1280: Rough Divide Elements into Multi Components

This script roughly divides elements into several components.

Scripts #1281: Fast Split 1D beams

Original macro split one element at a time, which was slow for a large model. This script will split all elements at once.

Scripts #1282: Bolt Forces Macro

Automates force plot from dyna (can be adjusted to any solver HG reads) time history to plot axial vs shear resultant forces with inputs of beam ids from user in a text file. Prior to plotting, HG auto loads a limits curve before loading the force plot.


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