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Microstrip-Fed Slot Antenna

A microstrip-fed slot antenna was designed using Antenna Magus for the following specifications: 5 GHz centre frequency 50 Ω input impedance FR4 substrate, ε = 4.35, height = 1.5mm Dimensions of the slot and feed-line are: Ws = 743.3 μm … Read More

Singly-Fed Circularly Polarized Electromagnetically Coupled Patch Antenna

A description of the FEKO model for an antenna presented at the ACES 2007 conference. Model Description Hajiaboli and Popovic presented a paper on a novel circularly polarized patch structure at the ACES 2007 conference, [1]. The antenna consists of … Read More

Solving a Patch Antenna with the FEM

The FEM current source and complex load for the FEM region enables the setting of an excitation inside a FEM dielectric region and to calculate S-parameters. This load is set at an arbitrary position inside the FEM mesh, i.e. it … Read More

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Isosurfaces for Near-Field Characterisation of Transmitter ICNIRP Boundaries

A description of how isosurfaces may be used to evaluate radiation hazard safety boundaries around transmitter structures against ICNIRP guidelines. Physical Problem In this example a large truss structure is used to support omnidirectional GSM antennas and Yagi-Uda antennas at … Read More

Wide-Band Stacked Annular-Ring Dielectric Resonator Antenna

A wide-band stacked annular-ring dielectric resonator antenna is modelled efficiently with the FEM/MOM and 2 planes of magnetic symmetry. Introduction: The FEM/MoM is often overlooked as an efficient technique for modelling dielectrics. This is even more true when the model consists of more than one dielectric layer. The traditional … Read More

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Large Array Modelling – A Microstrip Case Study

A 25 x 40 element microstrip array is used as a case study of how large antenna arrays may be modelled with the ideal transmitting antenna feature in FEKO. Introduction This case study aims to illustrate how large arrays may … Read More

Inverted F Antenna

A symmetric inverted F antenna is modeled in FEKO showing how size reduction is achieved through inductive loading. With recent advances in communication technology physical design constraints of antennas, such as weight and size have become more important and a … Read More