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Designing EMC Compliant Products for a Connected World

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) has become a key and sensitive topic for OEMs and their suppliers in many industries. It is not only important to ensure electromagnetic problems will not occur when integrating components and devices in a system, but also … Read More

Antenna Design for 5G Communications

Application Specialist, BusDev-EM Solutions at Altair
Peter Futter is a senior application specialist for electromagnetic (EM) solutions at Altair Engineering, based in Stellenbosch, South Africa. He has diverse expertise in numerical simulation for a range of Electromagnetic applications, technical support and product strategy and business development in a competitive global market place. His technical specialties include antenna design, integration and placement, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).
Peter Futter

With the rollout of the 5th generation mobile network around the corner (scheduled for 2020 [wiki/5G]), technology exploration is in full swing. The new 5G requirements (e.g. 1000x increase in capacity, 10x higher data rates, etc.) will create opportunities for diverse … Read More

What’s the difference between e-motor pre-design and design?

Vincent Marché graduated first in electronics, and then went on to refine his skills at business school. After more than 10 years in the industry, working on product marketing and sales of sensors, switches and electronic devices, he fell into a melting pot called electrical engineering simulation. Supporting FluxTM electromagnetic simulation software since 2009, he is passionate about the large fields of applications addressed by simulation tools and the application expertise of the users. He is constantly looking for solutions that address the innovation needs of electrical engineers. Since the recent acquisition of Cedrat by Altair, he manages the promotion of electromagnetic applications, electrical engineering and e-Mobility.
Vincent Marché

Positioning pre-design and design in the development process What’s difference between pre-design and design? Shall we differentiate pre-design from design or even post design? Or should we assimilate it in the holistic product development cycle? The questions may seem trivial, … Read More

OptiStruct analysis of an airplane rib - Altair HyperWorks

Become More Productive by doing your Analysis with OptiStruct instead of Nastran

Chief Technical Officer at Altair
Dr. Uwe Schramm is the Chief Technical Officer for Altair’s Solvers, Optimization and Smart Multi-physics Solutions and Strategy. He joined Altair Germany in 1996 as an Engineering Manager following a career in academia at the University of Virginia and University of Rostock. In 1999, Dr. Schramm relocated to the US to oversee Altair’s optimization products and to build a western region consulting practice. Having success in both endeavors, he was asked to lead the product management for Altair HyperWorks. He was promoted to Vice President Product Technology in 2004, and CTO of HyperWorks in 2008. For a period of two years starting in 2011, Dr. Schramm led Altair’s German operations as Managing Director. He holds a Master’s Degree and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Rostock in Germany.
Uwe Schramm

OptiStruct® can use standard Nastran input decks.  That’s a great place to start increasing your productivity – but there is so much more. A little over twenty years ago I joined Altair in Germany. At the time in sunny California … Read More

Partner Spotlight: Why Simulate Castings in the Design Phase?

Technical Director - Global Partner Programs at Altair
Sridhar Ravikoti is the Technical Director of Global Partner Programs at Altair. He has been with Altair since 2000, gaining experience in engineering product development and software program management. In his current role as a technical lead for the Altair Partner Alliance, Sridhar drives a synergetic relationship between Altair offering and its Partners. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Osmania University in India, and a Master’s degree from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, with a major in Mechanical Engineering and a minor degree in Applied Mechanics.
Sridhar Ravikoti

Check out this post on Altair’s Innovation Intelligence blog for a few good reasons, submitted by guest author Hakan Fransson of NovaCast systems. Once you are convinced, here are a variety of new tutorial videos to help you get started!

Learning Video: Altair RADIOSS

Senior Manager - Global Initiatives at Altair India
Dev Anand joined Altair in 2004 and is currently the Senior Manager for Global Initiatives at Altair. He has over 16 years in the PLM industry focusing on global initiatives, business development, global customer support, program management, product design development and people management skills. He holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Degree from M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, India, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration with Operations from Symbiosis, India. He is also Six Sigma Green Belt Certified from General Electric Power Systems, who has been trained to be Project Management Professional from PMI, USA and also attended the Leadership program.
Dev Anand
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Crash analysis, impact simulation, drop tests: designing structures under extreme loads requires accuracy and scalability. Over the past 20+ years, Altair RADIOSS has become the standard used by leading manufacturers, government agencies and researchers for complex, highly nonlinear simulations in … Read More

Luxon Engineering Applies Optimization-driven Design to Motocross Components

Vice President of Marketing - HyperWorks at Altair
Simone joined Altair Italy in 2001, and is currently the Vice President of Product Marketing at Altair. He has over 20 years of experience in the PLM market, particularly in the field of manufacturing simulation and business development. His current role includes overseeing the global marketing strategy for the extended HyperWorks brand, integrating contributions from the other Altair divisions, and building a cohesive message with dynamic marketing materials for the CAE and PLM market. He holds an associate degree in mechanical engineering from the Istituto Tecnico Industriale (ITI) Edoardo Agnelli in Torino, Italy.
Simone Bonino
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The motorcycles used in motocross racing demand light weight and high strength components in order to gain a performance advantage over the competition. In this video testimonial Billy Wight, President of Luxon Engineering, presents a case study of applying Altair … Read More