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Simulation-driven Innovation through Software Scalability: Altair RADIOSS

Eric Lequiniou

HPC Director at Altair
An expert in software optimization and parallelization on clusters, multi-core architectures, accelerators and coprocessors, Eric developed the Hybrid MPP parallel version of RADIOSS finite element software. After receiving an MSc degree in computer science, Eric started his career in 1994 at CNRS, Laboratoire Informatique du Parallélisme. He joined Mecalog in 1994 and worked for this company until its acquisition by Altair in 2006. Eric holds an Executive MBA from HEC French business school obtained in 2007.
Eric Lequiniou

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Accelerating the pace of innovation is enabled by faster and more realistic simulations.  It is a clear goal of computer aided engineering (CAE) to offer a design environment that answers questions and offers insights at the pace of human thought.  … Read More

The Math Connection Between Great Music and Superior Engineering

Keshav Sundaresh

Global Business Development Director at Altair
Keshav is a Global Business Development Director and has been with Altair since 2006. He’s responsible for providing corporate business development leadership and direction to Altair’s Math & Systems solution.In this role, he is responsible for driving partnerships by teaming with product development, global sales & channels, marketing and customers. Based in Altair’s world HQ in Troy, MI, Keshav closely works with the software development team. Prior to this, Keshav has held several different roles at Altair including his last role as a global business development manager responsible for Altair’s Multi-body Simulation solution. Before starting his journey with Altair, he worked as a CAE Analyst at a machine tool OEM. Keshav holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from India.
Keshav Sundaresh

You might think comparing music and mechatronics engineering is a stretch, but these two great disciplines have more in common than you might think. Mathematics, abstraction, and connecting the dots (aka combining multiple disciplines) are three common concepts that apply … Read More

Inspiring Lightweight Design in Automotive

Richard Yen

Richard has more than 27 years with Altair and just recently became the new Vice-President, Global Automotive. He is responsible for understanding the major trends of the automotive industry, aligning Altair’s technology, formulating marketing message and business strategy to maximize opportunities as well as values to the customers. In the past, he’s held various leadership roles in software, services business and overseas assignments. He earned his Master’s Degree of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor in 1988. He is conversant in English, Chinese and Japanese.
Richard Yen

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Emission regulations become more restrictive through 2025 

Safe and Effortless Speed: CAE in Motorsport

Marc Ratzel

Director - CFD Solutions at Altair
Dr. Marc Ratzel joined Altair in 2004, and is currently the Director of CFD solutions. He leads the automotive external aerodynamics activities at Altair, as well as supporting business development for HyperWorks in the CFD domain. He received his Ph.D. in aerospace from the University of Stuttgart, Germany, and worked as a research assistant at the University of Toronto, Canada, before joining Altair.
Marc Ratzel

Chasing the illusory goal of light but strong has always been the bane of engineers. With respect to the automotive racing community, while speed is paramount, there is the additional objective of driver safety, often conflicting with the light but … Read More

Extruded Profiles in Transportation Industry

Ravisankar S. Mayavaram

Director - HyperXtrude at Altair
Ravisankar S. Mayavaram

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A Renewed Interest Demand for fuel-efficient vehicles has created a renewed interest in the use of light alloy extrusions in the transportation and aerospace industries. A high strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum and magnesium extrusions makes them an attractive substitute for … Read More

One-Click Optimization

Fatma Kocer-Poyraz

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When mathematical optimization was first introduced to the engineering design world, an optimization expert typically sat with the design engineer to help them apply optimization techniques to their design applications retroactively. Depending on the application, this exercise often became a … Read More

The Sun Shines and the Wind Blows on Simulation Technology

Simone Bonino

Vice President of Marketing - HyperWorks at Altair
Simone joined Altair Italy in 2001, and is currently the Vice President of Product Marketing at Altair. He has over 20 years of experience in the PLM market, particularly in the field of manufacturing simulation and business development. His current role includes overseeing the global marketing strategy for the extended HyperWorks brand, integrating contributions from the other Altair divisions, and building a cohesive message with dynamic marketing materials for the CAE and PLM market. He holds an associate degree in mechanical engineering from the Istituto Tecnico Industriale (ITI) Edoardo Agnelli in Torino, Italy.
Simone Bonino

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More than 86,000 terawatts of solar power reach the Earth’s surface each year. Theoretically, that’s enough energy to satisfy the entire world’s energy demand 1000 times over (in 2008, the world consumed a little over 16 terawatts of energy). However, … Read More