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Compute Manager

Running custom actions on running or completed jobs

Compute Manager allows you to run custom actions while a job is running or after the job has completed. This capability can be customized for each application definition deployed on Compute Manager and can be a very handy feature to end users. Both types of custom actions have been described below.

Use Case: Custom actions on running jobs


Some solvers like Radioss, Ls-Dyna, Abaqus etc. allow users to checkpoint the running application so that it can restarted later in case of failure for whatever reason. The process of checkpointing is often application specific and Compute Manager GUI allows you to capture such actions as part of “More Actions“ button in the Monitoring Page.

Translating or interogating results while the job is running:

Often users like to translate results or interogate results using a script or some commands while the job is running. An example of such interogation might be to run a script that queries some binary results into a csv or column data file that the user can view. Another example might be to run a script to translate the results into a compact format like Altair’s H3D format while the job is running. These sort of use-cases can also be encapsulated as part of “More Actions“ button in the Monitoring Page.

Transferring or processing files after the job is complete

Just like the use-cases for custom actions while the job is running, users at times would like certain application specific actions to be taken after a job is complete. For example, a user might verify through Compute Manager that the job is complete and successful and then trigger a custom action to archive the results by zipping it and ftp/copy to a secure location. Rather than a script doing this automatically after every job is finished, use-cases like these will often require user intervention for the end user to do some validation before the custom action is invoked.


Screen shot of Compute Manager and using custom actions on jobs

Important Note:

  • Custom actions can only be created and configured by the IT administrator as part of Compute Manager installations.
    • If certain custom actions as described above are useful, please contact your IT administrator or Altair support for technical help. Most of the time, such custom actions are created at the time of initial implementation/installation of Compute Manager.


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