New Features in WinProp 14.1 – the Propagation Modeling Tool

WinProp, Altair’s wave propagation tool has recently been updated to include some great new features.

In this 14.1 release new features include:

  • Consideration of Rx antenna pattern for evaluation both area-wide and along routes for virtual-drive tests
  • Adding the ITU-R 525/526 propagation model
  • Integration of MIMOMan functionality into ProMan
  • Material catalogue extended for higher frequencies up to 75 GHz


WinProp can be used for the radio planning of various wireless networks, as well as the analysis of the radio channel and statistics, including the antenna effect.  WinProp can therefore process the antenna patterns computed in FEKO).

WinProp’s highly accurate and very fast empirical and deterministic propagation models are available for a wide range of scenarios including rural, urban, indoor, tunnel, vehicular.

WinProp and FEKO provide leading solutions for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications, which are important for autonomous driving.

Download the 14.1 release now via Connect.

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