Why SIMSOLID is the Technology Every Designer and Engineer Needs to Know About

Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) are intrinsic parts of product development. CAE simulation tools are extremely important because they allow for performance validation and optimization of a product design before the product is physically created. Today this is typically done using software based on Finite Element Analysis (FEA).

The weak link in traditional FEA is the need to create an accurate and efficient finite element mesh. The meshing process would encounter difficulties if done on original geometry, or produce excessive number of elements which would often make FEA impractical. In case of assemblies, incompatible meshes on adjacent parts make handling part connections extremely difficult. In practice, geometry model simplification is a must for a successful FEA. But the simplification is a non-trivial step which requires a highly skilled specialist in both FEA and CAD technologies.

SIMSOLID™ is intended to drastically streamline simulation processes and increase engineering productivity by replacing the underlying FEA technology. New technology eliminates the most failure-prone and skills/labor consuming stages of analysis process.

The SIMSOLID Difference

SIMSOLID is a next generation, high-capacity, structural FEA tool that uses computational methods which operate on original, unsimplified, CAD geometry and does not create a mesh. It is capabale of solving very large assemblies on a standard desktop computer. SIMSOLID is the perfect complement to your existing CAE specific or CAD embedded simulation. It extends their analysis range to larger models and provides feedback in seconds to minutes.

SIMSOLID is FEA, but it operates very differently. It does not create a mesh, but instead uses high order functions which are locally adapted to refine the solution. No elements, no meshing, no settings in dynamics and non-linear analyses including separating contact with friction. Solution adaptation is based on local energy density change and absolute errors on boundary.

Geometry simplification and meshing typically are the most time-consuming tasks, taking up between 30% and 70% of the total modeling and analysis time. SIMSOLID eliminates these two steps, speeding up the process significantly while producing accurate results.

Intrigued Yet?

We believe the revolutionary technology of SIMSOLID is going to change simulation-driven design. Join us for a join us for a free introductory webinar on November 7 at 10am ET to experience SIMSOLID live. Learn more about the software and request a trial of SIMSOLID at altair.com/simsolid.